Joachim Naudts

Curator & Editor
Antwerp, Belgium


Joachim Naudts (BE, °1982) started working in the field of contemporary art and photography in 2008. He has curated over 30 exhibitions, most of them for FOMU (museum of photography, Antwerp, Belgium) and has been involved with different cultural organizations in various capacities. Starting from the challenges posed by our current human condition, his main focus has been on political and engaged work, always aiming to provoke and touch a wider public (debate).

He worked on solo exhibitions with artists such as Boris Mikhailov, Patrick Waterhouse, Bieke Depoorter and Broomberg & Chanarin. Large thematic shows include The Still Point of the Turning World (co-curated by David Campany), Maan/Moon and Mijn vlakke land (both co-curated by Maarten Dings) and Power! Photos! Freedom! (in collaboration with Human Rights Watch). He is also chief-editor of the FOMU magazines .tiff and Trigger. Collaborations with artists, curators, institutions, academies and other cultural and non-cultural partners have been key to this practice. He holds MAs in Software Analysis and Visual Arts and is now regularly invited as a jury-member, speaker, curator, writer, advisor and guest teacher in the field of contemporary art and photography.